Wholehearted Symposium

Wholehearted Symposium

At our symposium we discuss interventions that therapists can use to help youth and their families move away from life-threatening risks toward heartfelt connections with their families, schools, and communities to achieve their own highest potential.

Our unique clinical training setting has endowed us with rich lessons that we are eager to share with clinicians, educators and caregivers in the human service and education fields. We know that therapists often find themselves disconnected from their own passions and disheartened by the pain they encounter in the field. Exacting a balance between self-care and effective therapy can be professionally challenging and oftentimes personally isolating and exhausting.

The SKY Center, a family therapy training and counseling center in Santa Fe, New Mexico provides accessible and affordable services for youth and their families while also serving as a field training site for graduate students pursuing degrees in counseling, social work and psychology. The SKY supervisors have been utilizing one way mirrors and various live interactive methods of training clinicians and providing culturally competent services to families for the past 15 years.

Come for inspiration, renewal, and community building,
and leave with CEUs in the areas of ethics, supervision and cultural competency.

This symposium will help cultivate connections to your own heart while helping others find the way to theirs. Join us in 2015. It will make a difference…bring your co-workers, your supervisors.